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Fast, safe and easy way to Send Money to Ghana! Best Value! Low Fees! High Cedi Rates!

We have agents locations throughout New York and New Jersey for your convenience

About Family Link

Family Link Money Transfer is a non-bank financial institution authorized by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) & New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance(NJDOBI) to provide money transfer and other related business services.

The Family Link brand has traded for nearly two decades with exemplary, professional experience as one of the most trusted independently-owned money transfer companies in the United States devoted to serve the African remittances corridor.

The company now also offers Digital Money Transfer under the service brand UnitySend Money Transfer .


We have agent locations through out NY and NJ States. Through our partnership with Choice Money Transfer, we have sending locations in majority of the other states. Call us at +1 (646) 992-8519, +1(718) 293 6280 to find a sending location near you. We offer the following payment services in Ghana for your convenience.

Mobile Money

Send money to all mobile money wallets within minutes

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Cash Pickup

Pickup funds within minutes from many locations in Ghana

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Bank Transfer

Send money directly to all major banks in Ghana

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