Good News for Ghanaians Send Money to Ghana starting at $7.00 Transfer Fee

 Amount Sent Family Link Fees
 $0-100 $7.00
 $100.01 - $500.00 $10.00
 $500.01 - $1,000.00 $15.00
 $1,000.01 + 2%

We have Agents throughout NY & NJ for your convenience

Free Phone Cards

We provide you with free phone card to call yur beneficairy in Ghana

Monthly Raffle

Send Money to Ghana and win Big!!!!

 First Price 1,000,000 Cedis GHc 100.00gp
 Second Price   500,000 Cedis GHc  50.00gp
 Third Price   200,000 Cedis GHc  20.00gp

We will send your winnings to the beneficiary of your choice in Ghana without charge

Good Luck